We credit our breastfeeding success to the private lessons we recieved from you on his first day in the world.

- N.K.

 I just wanted to say hi and let you know we did 11 months of breastfeeding. I would not have made it past two months without you. All the visits and emails after you were even working with us is appreciated. 

- S.K.

Your expertise has given us so much confidence in a time of exhaustion and unknown territory.  We loved your approach and as a woman I loved how you had (dad) become an active participant allowing us to share in exploring this new art.

- J.J.

 Coaching me to breastfeed so successfully has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

- S.W.

 Without your support, I would never have succeeded with the breast feeding - do you realise what a huge impact you have on the new moms that you look after? 

- S.G.

(You were) my calm voice of reason when I was struggling with breastfeeding.  (You) helped me follow my own conscience and do what was right for me and my baby.

- M.C.

I know, without a doubt that without your expert, patient and compassionate support I would not be (exclusively) breast feeding now.

- S.G.

One of the biggest challenges and biggest rewards was...tandem breastfeeding.  With her support, patience, and mentoring we succeeded.  She was always encouraging and very enthusiastic. It was very comforting to know she was available to call at any time to offer advice or provide guidance.